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Mondinsieme e giovani reggiani con Touadi a Roma per discutere di cittadinanza in Parlamento

The Intercultural Centre Mondinsieme was founded in 2001. It deals with cultural processes of integration, working along with both Italians and foreigners in order to improve social cohesion and participation.

Mondinsieme buds from networking, civil rights and intercultural citizenship values. The main aims are making integration a participated, shared and dynamic process as well as putting emphasis on the commitment of the associations of foreign citizens and above all, of second generations youths and of High Schools’ students.

Mondinsieme also tries to raise awareness about cultural pluralism, to improve active participation of citizens and to identify and contrast  racism, discrimination and xenophobia through projects based on dialogue,  intercultural education and communication.


Mondinsieme has established itself as a meeting place and it has become over the years a structure that facilitate intercultural relations.

Mondinsieme, legally, is a  Not-For-Profit Organization of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia

The Administrative Committee of the Organization consists of:



Jean-Léonard Touadi is a writer, journalist and professor at the Department of Geography and Economic Policy of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Born in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) and grew in France, he arrived in Italy in 1979. Since 2008 he is a Member of the Italian Parliament. Write to: jltouadi[at]mondinsieme.org



Council Member

Rita Bertozzi, PhD, is a researcher and lecturer at the Departement of Education of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.Her studies focus on the identity of young people of foreign origin, as well as the paths of integration in schools. Write to:rita.bertozzi[at]mondinsieme.org



Council Member

Marcello Stecco is a Provincial Councilor in Reggio Emilia. He held the position of Alderman for Solidarity of the Province of Reggio Emilia from 2004 to 2009. He is also administrator of the Association “Friends of CEIS”.
Write to: marcello.stecco[at]mondinsieme.org




Council Member

Aia Radwan is graduate at Filippo Re High School and she is studying Political Sciences at the University of Bologna. In June 2013 she has been elected as the Delegate of Mondinsieme external members .
Write to: aia.radwan[at]mondinsieme.org


Adil El Marouakhi is the Director of Fondazione Mondinsieme. Discover here Mondinsieme’s  staff .
Statuto della Fondazione Mondinsieme   Statuto della Fondazione Mondinsieme (Scaricato 377 volte)
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